Davis interior design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a leading interior decoration design, at the same time, companies, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, office buildings and other places in the interior design of the professional company to undertake. Headquartered in Hong Kong. In 1995 in Shenzhen, Futian District, and Baoan District were set up branch.
    Company in Shenzhen business design, all designed by Hong Kong senior designer and by the Hong Kong Professional Personnel Supervisor and management. Hong Kong designers unique design style, has won the favor of many owners. At present, the company has and Shenzhen the famous real estate developers cooperation, mainly on the model of residential housing, elevator lobbies, marketing centers, clubs, and other projects were design and construction. The company has strong strength to meet the challenges of the international market.
    At present, under the leadership of the general company of Shenzhen, Davies, Hongkong, is with great enthusiasm and full of spirit into the domestic market, believe that the future of Shenzhen Davies will be more on the floor.